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PTFE Products

Amilon™ Custom Compounds

A Smart Alternative to Rulon®

Plastomer Technologies is the manufacturer of Amilon custom compounds, a family of PTFE based materials that are a smart alternative to Rulon®. Amilon specialty materials can incorporate a wide range of fillers including glass, graphite, moly or bronze and come in several distinct colors including the white FDA approved Amilon 3. Our engineering and product management team will assist you in selecting materials that possess the properties and characteristics needed to meet your specific applications. Amilon compounds can improve thermal conductivity, coefficient of friction, compressive strength, wear rate, creep and cold flow. These materials are used in applications at temperature extremes from -400ºF to +500ºF and offer excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Amilon Materials

Alternative to :
Ideal for / because:
Amilon 3
Rulon® 641

FDA compliant for food processing

Amilon 10
Rulon® W2
Wet environments
Amilon 22
Rulon® 123
Static dissipative & excellent thermal properties
Amilon 44
Rulon® 142
Machine guide ways
Amilon 62
Rulon® AR
High wear resistance and low friction properties
Amilon 65
Dark Maroon
Rulon® LR
Abrasive and creep resistance properties
Amilon 77
Rulon® F
Low coefficient of friction
Amilon 92
Rulon® J
Good wear and abrasion resistance

All Amilon products are available in a variety of sizes:

  • Molded sheets up to 48” x 48” up to 8” thick
  • Skived sheets up to 62” wide 0.001” to 0.375” thick
  • Rod and Cylinders up to 60” O.D.

To order call 1-800-345-4901

Rulon® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation


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