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PTFE Products

PEEK Molding Capabilities

Plastomer Technologies UK has over 50 years experience in the production of semi finished and finished components in engineering polymers and high performance plastics.

Large Ring Manufacture
Plastomer Technologies UK manufactures large semi finished sealing rings currently up to 2.4m diameter in PEEK and filled PEEK grades.

The innovative production techniques used by us have given our customers the edge in this market where productivity and reliability are the keys to success.

The unique joining process we have developed has given our customers the confidence to put our sealing components in the most arduous applications, reducing customer downtime and improving product life.

Transfer Molded Tubes
Plastomer Technologies UK manufactures a huge range of transfer molded thick wall sectioned tubes for machining into bearings and sealing components.

Plastomer Technologies UK products are used throughout the world in compressors pumps and mechanical seals.

Inset Molding
Plastomer Technologies UK has worked closely with our customers to design and develop special metal and plastic moldings for use in electrical connectors used in down-hole applications for on and offshore oil and gas production

Plastomer Technologies, UK facility is located at:

Unit 3 Smitham Bridge Road,
RG17 0QP
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1488 662218
Email: info@plastomertech.co.uk


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