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PTFE Products

About Us

Plastomer Technologies, an EnPro Industries (NYSE: NPO) company, is rich in history with over 100 years of combined experience in the processing of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) products and machining of engineered plastics.

Plastomer services a wide array of industries including wire and cable, fluid sealing, semiconductor, chemical processing, oil and gas exploration, medical, aerospace, and filtration.

Our PTFE and engineered plastic products and services include:

PTFE Products

•  Engineered Plastic Machining
•  Plastic Fabrication
•  PTFE Shapes and Sheet
•  PTFE Sealing Solutions
•  PTFE Fiber
•  PTFE Tape
•  Fluoropolymer Etching

Plastomer Technologies continues to grow its already vast array of products and industry reach by focusing on innovating, developing and applying PTFE products and machined plastics for all applications. As a recognized leading supplier of PTFE tapes, films, fiber, basic shapes, machined parts, compounds, additives, and chemical surface modification, Plastomer Technologies is the source for PTFE related solutions and services.

Implementing PTFE in your application
Our knowledge of various PTFE compounds, and our proprietary expertise in particle modification and compound blending allow for uniformity in exact proportions. This provides you with the advantage of better and more consistent performance in your product or process.

Through decades of hands-on experience in fluoropolymer formulating, manufacturing, and processing, we have cultivated both the manpower and the facilities to deliver superior PTFE solutions across a wide range of products lines.

That experience covers the gamut - from blending custom PTFE compounds, to extruding thin films, sintering large billets, machining complex finished, and etching all or part of a surface. Whether you need several or all of theses capabilities, you can satisfy all your needs from the same reliable source - Plastomer Technologies



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