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PTFE Products
PTFE Auto-Molding

PTFE Automolding

Plastomer Technologies is a recognized leader in the development, production and delivery of auto molding high volume PTFE components.

About Auto-Molding
Auto molding, also referred to as automatic compression molding, allows for the utilization of the performance characteristics of PTFE resins combined with the gains in efficiency found in finished parts that are auto or compression molded. By using the Texolon® T auto molding process, components are economically molded into their final shape or geometry by using part ejection, pressure application, and automatic cavity fill. By utilizing the proper use of the process factors and exact tooling, a wide variety of shapes and geometries can be manufactured and produced to close tolerances.


  • Component cost is greatly reduced by auto molding, since extensive - and, in many cases, numerous - machining steps are eliminated.
  • Parts that are molded and sintered to their final shapes and dimensions are free of stress defects when compared to machined parts (which are prone to stresses that are caused by cutting tools). In other words, our auto molded PTFE has uniform properties throughout the component.
  • Our auto molding process allows for gains in efficiency by the removal of practically all scrap material - almost none is generated (again, as opposed to the usual PTFE machining process).

Additonal advantages of the auto molding process include improved surface finish, capability of closer tolerances, and the ability to manufacture far more complex and multi-dimensional parts.

The manufacture of void-free, high density PTFE components requires the application of two key processing factors - pressure (molding) and heat (sintering). The molding process delivers improved properties by the utilization of higher pressures and longer sintering periods than are possible with other more conventional PTFE processing methods. Auto molding also allows for more exact control of the rate of cooling during the sintering phase, resulting in the production of stress-relieved, highly crystalline components.


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