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It's all here at Plastomer Technologies.

When performance is the issue, product and promises aren't nearly enough.

You need a company that's devoted - top to bottom -- to meeting your needs. A company that's built to understand your problems. A company that's structured to grow along with your biggest new ideas.

You need Plastomer Technologies.

 We don't just process PTFE. We invent solutions.

Not just one-size-fits-all solutions, either. Instead, we make it our business to offer solutions that bring the greatest value to your application, whether it's aerospace, CPI, oil & gas, outdoor products, or consumer-related.

How do we do it?

First, we listen.

We learn all we can about the special demands of your operation: How and where our product will be used, the processes by which you'll handle it, the conditions under which it needs to perform.


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