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PTFE Products

Texolon® Fluid Blockers

Plastomer Technologies manufactures PTFE fluid blockers to compliment its extensive line of Texolon® PTFE gaskets.

Texolon® pipeline fluid blockers utilize molded virgin PTFE around a 304ss perforated inner reinforcement core. For extreme performance in corrosive environments, the chemical resistance of PTFE provides the best sealing and mating service in line blocking applications. The combination of the corrosion resistance with the structural strength of 304 perforated stainless steel, provide improved operational safety by reducing the need for repeated re-torquing to maintain a leak free seal.

Custom sizes are available upon request. Standards sizes ODs include: 1.875”, 2.250”, 2.625”. 3.375”, 4.125”, 5.375”, 6.875”, 8.750”.

Texolon® fluid blockers are made with a high quality free flowing PTFE to ensure high performance. Standard and custom sizes are available. For more information on Texolon® products please call (800) 345-4901 or email info@plastomertech.com .


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