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PTFE Products

PTFE Isostatic Molding

What is PTFE Isostatic Molding?
PTFE Isostatic Molding is a unique process where molding pressures are applied evenly in all directions around the part being made. This differs from compression molding which has pressure applied in only one direction.
Why Choose PTFE Isostatic Molding?
Isostatic Molding lends itself nicely to making odd shapes such as cups and buckets. An isostatically molded part is made to near net shape. Because the part is molded to near net shape, significantly less material would be used as opposed to the more standard use of blocks and cylinders. After molding, the part would see final machining to print.

Tapered sleeves and closed end cylinders are common shapes that are often molded isostatically. Unlike extruded and compression molded parts, materials isostatically molded materials have highly consistent material properties. Often electrical parts require these consistent properties.

We would be happy to evaluate your isostatic molding needs and offer complete turn around service. Call us today for more information.


PTFE Isostatic Molding



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