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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 
Plastomer Technologies

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Plastomer Products


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Specializing in custom and standard solutions for wrapping and sealing

      As one of the world’s leading PTFE film and specialty tape resources,  Plastomer Products offer end users and distributors superior standard and custom thin-profile extruded PTFE products.

Technical expertise with a customer focus
At  Plastomer Products, all production is customer driven. Experience in developing specialty products for customer, as well as our won innovative product lines, enables us to be more responsive when called upon to deliver timely custom solutions. By the nature of this experience and the evolution of our facilities, we are well positioned to provide responsive turnaround on short-run and custom jobs.
    With our wide choice of virgin- and filled-PTFE compounds, colors, and extruded film products, you can count on  Plastomer Products to satisfy virtually any need. Additionally, because we are experienced at producing to NSF, CSA, ASTM, MIL, and Ul specifications, you can be confident that we can meet the requirements of your customers and other third party influences as well.

The practical advantages of Plastomer Products
Our proprietary blending technology for enhancing virgin PTFE resin with fillers and additives helps us to maintain greater consistency throughout the formulation. This delivers both cosmetic and performance advantages in end-use products and applications.
    For example, our printable tapes make it easier to read markings on wire bundles in confined areas of commercial and military aircraft. That’s because the uniform blend of PTFE resins and additives delivers more consistent print density when “darkened” by exposeur to laser marking devices.
    Also, by providing some of the longest unspliced tape lengths in the industry, we are able to offer end user the convenience of fewer disruptions for changeovers during production runs, thereby increasing customer productivity.

PTFE Fiber Products
Contracting & Toll Manufacturing

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Plastomer Technologies

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