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Porter Process - Fluoropolymer Etching

Porter Process prepares and modifies the surface of fluoropolymer films, sheets, tubing and other three-dimensional shapes via a superior etching process. These materials are toll etched and prepared for bonding to metals, plastics or other substrates. Final applications include linings for pumps and valves, films used in composite layer circuit boards and other industrial material handling applications.

Full service or Do-it-yourself options

We offer both full service and in house etching options to fit your needs. Our full service s sodium ammonia surface preparation utilizes on the highest quality chemicals and most effective techniques to product reliably consistent results. We have more than 40 years experience etching fluoropolymers and can meet industry surface preparation specs for military, food processing, pharmaceutical, electronic, and fluid handling applications.

Our PrimeEtch® sodium naphthalene product line allows you to safely create a durable, long lasting etched surface in the convenience of your own facility. We have several formulations available to meet your customized needs.

Contact Information

Porter Process
1600 Industry Rd
Hatfield , PA 19440

Phone: 800-618-4701
Fax: 215-855-3570


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