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PTFE Products

PrimeEtch from Porter Process
Sodium Napthalene Etching

Do-it-yourself Fluoropolymer Etching Products

It's easy to safely and effectively create your own strong, long lasting surface bond with our line of PrimeEtch ® products. Our PrimeEtch® sodium naphthalene compound offers convenience and affordability in gallon, quart or pint size containers. Currently Porter Process offers three formulations of PrimeEtch® to meet your customized needs.


•  PrimeEtch® : Our original formulation for use at room temperature

•  PrimeEtch® Plus: Offers a deeper, darker, more powerful room temperature surface bond

•  PrimeEtch® II: For use when you need to heat the etchant above room temperature

Porter Process offers complete technical support to ensure you feel comfortable at every step of the in house etching process. Our compounds react with the only the surface layer of fluoropolymers ensuring other properties remain largely unaffected. Call today for a fast and easy quote

Contact Information

Porter Process
1600 Industry Rd
Hatfield , PA 19440

Phone: 800-618-4701
Fax: 215-855-3570

Porter Process

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