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PTFE Products

PTFE Fiber

For over thirty years, Plastomer Technologies has specialized in the design and supply of custom polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiber solutions for our customers. Whether you need a standard or filled ePTFE for different fiber characteristics, Plastomer has the capabilities to meet your needs. These include:
  • range of densities (full or low density)
  • range of sizes (as low as 600 denier)
  • range of formats (flat or twisted)
  • fast delivery of custom manufactured solution
  • prototype design and manufacturer
  • product technical support
PTFE Fiber

Unique PTFE Fiber solutions for unique applications
Our customers bring us a wide variety of fiber design challenges. Thanks to our extensive experience in ePTFE processing, we can produce a PTFE based fiber solution of exceptional consistency by every measure. With our proprietary compounding technology, we can produce expanded fibers with highly specific and tightly controlled properties — including exceptional tenacity and high retained strength after exposure to UV radiation.

Coupled with the hydrophobic nature and near total chemical inertness of PTFE, qualities like these can yield important performance benefits — whether the application is industrial, commercial, or outdoor.

No compromises.
Plastomer Technologies is commited to following lean manufacturing methodologies in order to make ourselves an integral, reliable, and cost-effective part of your supply chain. You can count on getting the thread and fiber you need, exactly when and where you need it.

How do you want it?
To accommodate your needs and speed your production, we can supply expanded PTFE fiber in a variety of custom deniers and packages. We can also provide a variety of formats: flat and twisted.

Our PTFE products offer superior quality, innovation, and enhanced characteristics.

Typical Properties
Product/Application PLASTOLON
Filtration Sewing Thread
Solar Thread
Outdoor Fiber
Weaving Oral Care
Nominal Denier 1400-2400 1400-2400 600 - 1200 600 - 2400
Ply Single or Multiple Single Single or Multiple Single
Twist S or Z S or Z S or Z NA
Nominal Tenacity
3.0 3.0 As required As required
Elongation (%) 5% minimum 5% minimum 5% minimum 5% minimum
Temperature Resistance
(Degrees F)
-300 to 550 -300 to 550 -300 to 550 -300 to 550
Chemical Inertness Excellent Excellent Excellent N/A
Desirable Characteristics Low Shrinkage UV Stability Low Shrinkage Low Coefficient
of Friction




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