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PTFE Products
Texolon® PTFE Rods and Cylinders

PTFE RodsPlastomer Technologies molds Texolon® PTFE rods and cylinders from 1” to 62” diameter. With virtually unlimited tooling combinations, we can provide you with the basic shape that most closely matches your finished requirement, minimizing machining and material loss.

Custom sizes and lengths are available. Additional fabrication, machining, and milling are offered through our in house machining and fabrication facility.

All molded PTFE can be furnished with one or more etched surfaces to ensure excellent bondability. We also provide rods and cylinders bonded to a board to facilitate your machining.

Molded PTFE rods and cylinders are available in a wide variety of virgin and modified resins as well as PTFE compounds.

  • Style 8764Premium Virgin PTFE sheet manufactured from only the highest quality PTFE resins available. Style 8764 is ideal for a wide range of applications and especially useful in those demanding applications were only the highest mechanical and electrical properties will suffice. Style 8764 is particularly useful in those applications where only the highest purity product will meet your stringent requirements.
  • Style 8765 High quality virgin PTFE for those challenging applications that demand material that can withstand a broad temperature range and provide excellent chemical resistance.
  • Style 8790Virgin Modified PTFE. Exhibits enhanced sealing, weldability, and permeation resistance. Modified PTFE also exhibits a much better machined surface finish.
  • Style 9405Premium glass-filled PTFE manufactured from only the highest quality resins and fillers. Style 9405 is formulated for use where increased wear, creep and cold flow resistance are important requirements.
  • Style 9406High quality glass-filled PTFE for applications where enhanced rigidity and wear are required.

  • THP - High Purity PTFE for critically clean environments such as those found in the medical and semiconductor industries. High Purity PTFE is processed and packaged in a clean environment.
The features of the standard fillers are as follows:
Glass Fiber: Increases compressive strength, rigidity and wear.
Reduces creep and cold flow
Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties
Carbon: Increases compressive strength, hardness, wear, and load properties.
Good chemical resistance
Various types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity
Graphite: Reduces coefficient of friction Reduces initial wear
Increases strength

Molybdenum Disulfide Increases hardness, stiffness, and wear
Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties

Bronze Increases hardness and wear resistance
Increases dimensional stability and compressive strength Not suitable for corrosive or electrical applications

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