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PTFE Products

Relic Wrap™ PTFE Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging Film for Archival Packaging and Storage

Relic Wrap™ protective PTFE packaging is the safe way to package, archive, store and transport fine art, books and artifacts. Made in the USA, Relic Wrap™ is available in three forms to allow for complete flexibility in your packaging needs.

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PTFE is an optimal material to provide the protective layer nearest to valuable art. It is inert, soft, flexible, temperature resistant to 550°F, acid-free and will not stick to the objects it is protecting. PTFE is also a thermal insulator.

Relic Wrap

Relic Wrap

Relic Wrap™ Packaging Film
Used for filling in voids around artifacts that are non-uniform in size. Relic Wrap is also used as a protective layer that can be wrapped around any form of art, providing a nonstick, colorfast, conforming inner layer before additional packaging layers are applied. Relic Wrap™ Film is available in rolls up to 10” wide, 0.003” thick, and 1,000 feet in length.

Relic Wrap™ Packaging Tape
The same high quality material as Relic Wrap™ Film, Relic Wrap™ Tape is used for wrapping around parts of objects to secure them to a base for transportation. The tape is easy to apply, non-adhesive, and easy to remove when unpacking. It even offers some “give” to allow for tight securing without putting too much strain on the object. Available in 1” wide x 100’ long rolls.

Relic Wrap™ Loose Packing
This is an air-filled packing product that can be used in place of other void-filling material in boxes, crates, etc. It provides the same non-stick, insulating properties as all forms of Relic Wrap™ packaging materials in a form that is suitable for filling any last contours before closing up a box.

Relic Wrap™ is completely unaffected by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and will not degrade from sun, incandescent or fluorescent light exposure! it will not rot, support fungus for mildew.

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