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PTFE Products

Texolon® Static Dissipative Paddle Ring Gaskets

Plastomer Technologies manufactures static dissipative paddle ring gaskets to compliment our line of Texolon® gaskets and fluid blockers

These 304 stainless steel encapsulated gaskets dissipate static using a paddle handle extended 2" above the flange. The paddle gaskets are pre-drilled for grounding hardware and self seat easily to any 150# ANSI eliminating the need for a separate gasket and creating an easy to install solution. Our grounding paddles have a temperature resistance up to 400°F and are chemically resistant to all solvents, caustics, and sulfates giving our gaskets a long service life in critical applications.


Size (Inches)

  1" 0687 X 2.62
  1 /2" 1.250 X 3.375
  2" 1.687 X 4.125
  3" 2.687 X 5.375
  4" 3.687 X 6.875
  6" 5.500 X 8.750
Texolon® paddle ring gaskets are made with a high quality free flowing PTFE compound ensuring high performance. Standard and custom sizes are available. For more information on Texolon® static dissipative products please call (800) 345-4901 or email info@plastomertech.com .

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