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PTFE Products

Texolon® PTFE Flange Gaskets
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PTFE Flange Gaskets PTFE Flange Gaskets Texolon Gaskets

Our steel reinforced pipe flange gaskets are a proprietary molded PTFE gasket featuring stainless steel grade 304 perforated reinforcement core. Texolon® gaskets were initially developed for sealing difficult chemical applications requiring superior cold flow and blowout resistance. The combination of corrosion resistance of void-free PTFE fluorocarbon resins with the structural strength of grade 304 perforated stainless steel provides improved operational safety by markedly reducing the need for repeated retorquing to maintain a leak-free seal.

Applications for steel reinforced PTFE flange gaskets include where:

  • Liquids or gases are corrosive
  • Higher pressures are encountered
  • Contamination must be avoided
  • Sudden failure in a system would be hazardous
  • Long service life is mandatory
  • A tight seal is needed to control emissions
  • Pressure variations are present

The Texolon® gasket is molded and oven sintered in a proprietary process totally encapsulating a 304 stainless steel perforated reinforcement core. The stainless steel core confines the PTFE and greatly reduces the effect of creep and cold flow of the gasket within the flange. Since the PTFE gasket relaxes and the stainless steel does not, the thickness reduction due to material flow is proportionately less. Repeated retorquing is rarely required to maintain a tight seal. The unique design of the molded PTFE with the stainless steel stabilizes the seal face and greatly enhances the cold flow resistance. Testing has confirmed that the Texolon® gasket experiences over one-third less stud load loss than virgin and glass filled PTFE gasket materials. The excellent creep and cold flow resistance allows higher temperature and pressure limits.

Texolon® PTFE flange gaskets are made to a standard of 3/32” thick and can be manufactured to a wide range of standard dimensions. Other thicknesses and dimensions are available upon request. Larger sizes up to 48” O.D. as well as in full-face configurations are available. We also offer blind, fluid blocking configurations with a handle for ease of installation.


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