We are able to mold between 50 and 500 tons with our new Toyo molding machine. Every injection compression machine comes process control ready, is RJG, and can accurately oversee and manage the whole molding process.

We can mold high performance resins, and neat ones, in sizes from 20mgs to nearly 800 grams. The injection compression device lets us manipulate the surface fibers for optimal strength and resilience.

Small orders are not a problem and we pride ourselves on our ability to turn over production quickly, but our equipment is also able to deal with much bigger components and larger runs.  And if you need finish machining, we can do that too!

And when it’s done, our machines memorize and store your components design specifications, making reruns both easy and consistent.

We take care to ensure all our molded parts arrive at their destination fully cured and ready to go!

Then, our machines are cleaned thoroughly, to eliminate cross contamination before the next use.


For designs which are constantly evolving, or perhaps short runs which cannot afford the expense of injection molding, we are able to fabricate machined components from a custom Torlon shape.

If the geometry is more complicated, or you have a more specialized need, we are able to recommend you a service which can create the components from our own materials.

We can manufacture both custom components, like balls, bushings and the like, with our state-of-the-art CNC tool. Additionally, we can make stunningly flawless components with our diamond tooling to a perfect finish!

Rest assured, every component supplied comes complete with an inspection report.


Our bespoke design extruders are created to convert some of the most difficult resins. Each design is made from Torlon PAI and in single piece flow. Together with feedback control which is continuous, the processes can be sustained to high specifications to create the highest quality output.

Each grade of resin we process is dried by a specialized and high efficiency dryer. By so doing, we cut out the possibility of any cross contamination or blending of batches. One key part of this process is moisture control. By ensuring this is correct, we can create and put out very exacting shapes for your component needs.

And after every application, the extruder is immediately cleaned and thoroughly sanitized, before being retooled for the next use. Our extruded items are always post cured which ensures the best quality and performance possible.