When should you have your car serviced?

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Car maintenance is essential to avoid breakdowns but also to guarantee safety. But when you own a car, it’s never easy to know when to do car maintenance. When should you have your car serviced? After how many kilometres? How often? Should we do the minor maintenance or the major maintenance? We will answer all of these questions.

How often should you do the business of your car?

In general, it is advisable to do one car maintenance per year. But overhauling a car also depends on other things like the type and age of the vehicle as well as its mileage. Usually, it is recommended that you do some minor car maintenance every 15,000 km or annually. The major maintenance is generally done every 30,000 km or every two years.

Large maintenance or small maintenance?

There are several types of interviews: the “small interview” and the “big interview”. What are the exact differences between the two?

A small interview usually includes:

  • Changing the engine, i.e. renewing the engine oil
  • Checking fluids (oil and coolant level)
  • Brake control
  • Checking the headlights
  • Checking the battery condition
  • Checking the windshield wipers and replacing them if necessary
  • Replacing the oil filter

The big interview

Major maintenance includes all the checks made during minor maintenance as well as the following overhauls in addition:

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Replacing the pollen filter
  • Replacing the spark plugs (only on cars that run on gasoline)
  • Exhaust control
  • Checking shocks and tires
  • The maintenance log

Each vehicle has a maintenance booklet. It is provided by the manufacturer when the car is purchased and it is imperative to follow and accompany the vehicle throughout its life, even if it changes owners. The maintenance log is a useful and important document. It is advisable to always leave it in the glove box. All repairs or maintenance operations must be recorded there. Thanks to it, you can easily follow the various revisions that have already been made to your car. It also allows you to determine the date of the next interview. Do not forget to present it to the mechanic during each maintenance. It will indicate the date, the mileage, the revisions that have been made and it will affix a stamp.

What to remember about car maintenance

Whether you have a new car or an old used car, it is essential to have it serviced. There are two types of maintenance: minor maintenance which is generally done every year (or 15,000 km) and major maintenance recommended every two years (or 30,000 km). These revisions made by professionals will prevent breakdowns and avoid accidents. To know when you need to do your car maintenance, do not forget to consult your maintenance book. This important document gathers all the technical information relating to your vehicle and all maintenance must be entered therein. At JL Prestige, we have a clear objective: that you enjoy every kilometre onboard your vehicle feeling all the tranquillity and security at the wheel. To achieve this, we have created the Audi Maintenance program, with which you will receive, for 4 or 5 years, the highest coverage. In this way, you will only have one concern: to appreciate the unbeatable feeling of driving your Audi.

Why hire us for Audi servicing?

We give you 5 reasons to entrust us with the maintenance of your Audi:

Closeness and flexibility

You can choose any Official Service of the Audi Network to carry out the Audi maintenance plan for your vehicle. In addition, we offer you different types of coverage so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

You will always know the exact price.

Eliminate unforeseen expenses. From the first moment, you will know the exact cost of maintaining your Audi.

Enjoy special conditions

Contract the product when you buy your Audi and pay for it in easy instalments or include it in the financing of the vehicle.

Audi Genuine Parts with a 24-month warranty

Only Audi Genuine Parts guarantee the highest quality, as they have been designed to perfectly match your Audi and perform their function optimally.

Maximum reliability. The training of Audi service centre personnel guarantees you the maximum knowledge of the vehicles to carry out any operation flawlessly and efficiently.